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On 21st February 2019 Uttlesford District Council "made" the Thaxted Neighbourhood Plan.  It will carry significant weight when Uttlesford planners consider planning applications in the parish of Thaxted.

Download the Referendum Neighbourhood Plan here

What it is...

Neighbourhood Plans sit alongside the Local Plan. The policies of an adopted Neighbourhood Plan are used in the determination of planning applications.


Neighbourhood Plans allow local people to influence what developments take place over the next 20 years. They help to ensure that development meets current and future needs, and is of the right kind and in the right place.

What it does...

The Plan can include policies on :

1. The size, mix, and type of housing that’s needed;

2. The provision of affordable housing for local young people;

3. Protecting those parts of the Parish which are

historically and environmentally sensitive;

4. Protecting existing green spaces and identifying new green spaces and wildlife habitats;

5. Protecting and enhancing existing Community 6. Facilities and Tourist Attractions;

6. Maintaining and improving existing recreation

facilities such as footpaths, play areas, etc.

Get Involved!

Our new plan will rely heavily on the input of volunteers.  We would welcome help from residents, local landowners, local businesses, and community groups.  


If you have any particular relevant expertise you could offer, please do get in touch.  Many hands make light work!

The Plan Process

1. Production of policies in close consultation with the community;

2. Submission to the District Council for further consultation;

3. Submission to an independent examiner to ensure legality;

4. Submission to referendum in the local community.

5. Once a Plan passes referendum (with a simple majority), it is then "made". It then forms part of the Local Development Plan for the parish.


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